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JavaScript and programming, in general, are all about information, manipulating information, and displaying information. All this information can be anything from numbers to text to combinations of both.

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Objects

Are all common types of information in JavaScript.

This is where we typically store information. And we store it in variables.
We create with the let keyword.

let age = 27;

Now age stores number value 27.

This is a huge part of JavaScript. We write some code once, and we reuse it in multiple places, saving us a lot of time and difficulty. It gives various ways to create the function, including the regular way and the arrow functions.

let result = add(2, 4);

This will result in a number value of 6.

Arrow function do the same thing as regular function way. But this is the much shorter way and is great for items like callbacks.

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